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Humble Bones

Chocococo Granola

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“Chocococo” (n.) [cho-CO-cuh-co] is one of the rarest varieties of granola, found only in the deeper and more ancient rainforests of the Southern Hemisphere. Wild varieties of chocococo are prized for their delectable sweetness and complex flavors, and this domesticated variety, with its balance of chocolate, coffee, and coconut, is especially potent in its deliciousness and aromatic qualities. We suggest you have it with some milk and it'll be like having a crunchy latte.

Size: 11oz Bag

Ingredients: Old Fashioned Rolled-Oats, Brown Sugar, Walnut Pieces, Slivered Almonds, Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips (Cane Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter), Coconut Flakes, Coffee, Vanilla Extract and Kosher Salt. Contains: Nuts